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Glasses fully reflects the culture of a country, national ideology, morality, values, beliefs, customs and other cultural characteristics, as each historical era and cultural development and development. It substances and combination of art, Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses tangible way reflected. It is a reflection of the progress of social civilization, but also reflects the wearer’s identity, social status, ideology, interests and favorites.

Cultural connotation of the lens is mainly reflected in the excellent level of quality materials, the size of the lens, curve, composition and color, luster fine degree. In ancient times, emperors, local administrative officials, the rich and the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses civilian population with different glasses, reflects the distinct cultural flavor and connotation. In modern industry, agriculture, commerce, science, military, and other sectors of society, men and women with a mirror, styles, embodies the people’s ideological and cultural connotations.

Frame material culture is also reflected in the level of quality, frame shape, color, beautifully decorated degree, as well as graphics and other aspects of meaning. Ancient carved frames often blessed, Lu, Shou, financial and other patterns, embodies the “blessing in front”, “happiness and longevity,” “to cement”, “Four Seasons fortune” and the value of content. At the same time, the beam shelves often also carved its name, size, name, gold and so on. According to social status and identity of different emperors, dignitaries used multiple frames with gold, silver, tortoiseshell, ivory and other precious materials, while the ordinary people more than the glasses with copper, iron, steel, wood and other materials. Glasses beams pattern, Oakley Sunglasses Outlet from the initial arch-shaped door-shaped, arched, curved, gradual transition to a glyph, bamboo-shaped, vertical beam shape, etc; Liang card, border checkpoint, the moire-shaped cat shaped head, tiger-shaped transition to the hawk-shaped, two-point-shaped, plum-shaped dot shape.
Frame Modern Frame ancient culture on the basis of further development, both in form, or from the design to the decorative, patterns and colors on, it has become more colorful, reflecting the new values and aesthetics